Alien vs Predator Universe Timeline

This is my timeline of the events of the Alien-Predator series, which might have some inconsistencies due not every entry of the franchises not taking in account each other and being done as its own thing. But since its just fiction, I just work around and made the stuff I wanted fit in as I like.

Not all entries will be included, as some contradict too much the others or I just really don’t like them and don’t think they added anything of value to the Alien-Predator Universe. Some entries got 2 versions of it, like novel/comic, movie/novelization, I use the one I liked more.

I separated each menu by time periods:

Pre human historic/Before Christ

Year 0 to 2000 AD

Year 2000 to 2100 AD

Year 2100 to 2200 AD

Year 2200 to 2300 AD

Year 2300 to 2400 AD

Year 2400 to 2500 AD

Year Post-2500 AD

I didn’t made this timeline on my own, I got info from other sites to help, some are no longer available and I copied their writings before then went down, unfortunally I don’t remember the name of all those sites and some aren’t available anymore so I can’t thank those ones, but I will post links of the ones that are still available.

Thanks to:


Absolute AVP

Aliens Timeline

AVP Central

AVP Galaxy

Alien Universe Timeline

Alien Experience